Income Tax Return Filing

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Description   If you have a simple tax return to file, choose this easy plan.   File your return with Salary details, Bank Interest, House Properties and Other Source income details.   People who have a a smalll business  or have any other source of Income, need to file through this plan.   Choose this plan if you have a Professional Income or Income from Business along with any other Income. and required Balance Sheet of Business   File your tax return through this plan if TDS is already deducted from your income and want to claim refund of TDS  
Features   Recommended if you:





  • have Salary/Pension Income less than Rs. 5 lakhs
  • have made investments in life insurance, etc
  • have no tax payable or refundable
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  Recommended if you:





  • have Salary/Pension Income
  • have one house
  • have Bank Interest Income
  • have paid self assessment tax



  Recommended if you:





  • have Business Income
  • own more than one house
  • have invested in shares / Other Income
  • have Losses



  Recommended if you:





  • have professional or business income
  • also requires balance Sheet
  • have income from firm
  • have large capital gain records
  Recommended if you:





  • have business income
  • claiming refund
  • having form 16A
  • have  any other income of any 




Salary/Pension < Rs. 5,00,000
TDS from Salary
Salary/Pension (Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000)
House Property
Other Source (Bank Interest)
TDS other than salary (Bank Interest upto Rs 10,000)
Self Assessment Tax
Salary/Pension (more than Rs.10,00,000)
House Property (more than 1)
Other Source (Other than Bank Interest)
Capital Gain (1 – 50 records)
TDS other than salary (Bank Interest > Rs 10,000 or Others)
Agriculture Income
Exempt Income
Relief u/s 89
Special Rate Income
Advance Tax
Profession Income
Business Income
Income from Firms
Capital Gain (51 records and above)
Balance Sheet with P& L A/c.
Relief u/s 90 / 91
e-Filing of Income-tax Return (Original) by an Expert
*Prices are exclusive of taxes. Discounted pricing is applicable only for Current Year filing.


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Tax planning for 2015-16
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Get your IT Return Reviewed by an Expert
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Get yourself 'Assessment Protection'
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ITR-V Submission Service
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Track your Refund Status
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ITR-V Receipt Status
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Document Manager
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