Business ITR With Balance Sheet


Business Income Tax File with Balance Sheet Plan

Business Income Tax  File  – Complete income Tax File Along with Income Tax Return, Computation of income, Capital Account, Trading & Profit Loss Account With Balancesheet  in a few minutes.


If you are doing good business you may require Loan  at present or in futre from bank or other financial institutions in many type as Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, Loan against Property, Cash Credit Limit, Overdraft or New project Finance in all of cases Bank always ask you for Income Tax File with Balance Sheet. We here at provides complete Income Tax File Support in this plan so that you get your Complete Income Tax File in few minutes.

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As stated in the Income Tax laws, you can receive a scrutiny notice from the I-T department till a period of 8 years from the time of filing your tax return. Apart from offering assistance in creation and review of Income Tax Return (ITR) by a ‘real’ tax professional, Business ITR  Plan make your filing much easier as creating an email account.


Business ITR file plan has all the benefits of Business ITR filing with income Tax Department . Another add-on feature of this package is tracking of your refunds and tax assessment order.

Who’s it for?
It is aimed at those individuals who would like to keep their tax documents safe in a vault for up to or more than 8 years, in case of scrutiny assessment, along with e-filing tax returns.

How does it work?
While you retain the option to self-prepare your ITR, a ‘real’ tax professional will create your ITR based on the documents provided by you. To opt for this feature, you will have to upload the scanned copies of your documents to TaxRaj.

On receipt of the document, the assigned tax professional will get the data entry done for creation of the draft ITR. Once the ITR is ready, the tax professional would do a complete review the ITR for you so that you can eFile it without any doubt or hesitation!

Apart from feeding in the data from your documents, the package also allows you to enter other details like income from any sources, income from house/property, capital gains, deductions, etc. Once you have created your ITR, the system automatically tabulates your tax liability, if any, and allows you to eFile your return through a single click!

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Package Offerings

·        Preparing and e-filing tax returns by Tax Experts.

·        Preparation of Income and Expenditure, Capital Account and Balance Sheet File by Tax Experts.

·        Preparation of Income Tax Computation and deposite of Tax to Govt.

·        Whole Year Tax Planning along with computation of Advance Tax and Deposite of Advance Tax

·         An online vault to save your tax documents for scrutiny or reference

·        Automatic tracking of refund

·        Automatic tracking of income tax assessment order

·        Tracking of ITR-V status

·        Sending reminder notifications via email

·        Depositing signed ITR-V to CPC

* This service is automatically activated, only after payment has been made through your account at

The TaxRaj promise

·        Your draft ITR along with Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet would be created within 48 hours of receipt of your documents

·        Your ITR will be eFiled within 30 minutes of your clicking ‘eFile My Return’ Button

·        Your ITR-V will be uploaded in your user account within 60 minutes of your clicking ‘eFile My Return’ Button

·        Your signed ITR-V will be deposited to CPC within 7 days .

·        Your documents will be safely archived for 8 years (or more)

·        All your support queries will be responded within 24 hrs

Package cost

Rs. 999 /- only