How It Works

Acsys Tax Advisor Plan

Acsys Tax Consultancy Network Presents Acsys Tax Advisor Plan, for all persons who want to provide part time and full time business.

Terms and Conditions

1. All Fees should be paid in advance by deposite in bank account or online NEFT.

2. Company shall not pay any of routine expenses like courier, post, telephone, internet, office rent etc.

3. All authorized letter/Banner/Card etc. will be issued after completion of documentation & Payment of Registration Charges.

4. If any Cheque is dishonoured Company will charge Rs.250/- Per Cheque.

5. Full Responsibility of Recovery of Fees from client shall be of Tax Advisor.

6. Service work allocation to tax advisor shall be according to field area.

7. TDS Deduction on Commission shall be made as per rules and slabes of Income tax.


Step 1 

         Fill Your Form completely and attach Your Document online at Join us Page.  

Step  2

  • After this step your application shall be checked by us and our Company will Issue  Tax Advisor Code and Password.

Step 3 

  • Company Will Provide Authorized working Certificate+ Training + Support + Stationery Tools+ Online Tax Advisor Id & Password+Forms+ Marketing Tools+ publication of your name on our website.

Step 4 

  • You are Finally our Tax Advisor and you can continue your Working online .


Documentation & Payment :-

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity  and Passport Proof
  • Registration is free for all candidates.

Eligibility :-

  • Applicant should be educated.
  • Applicant should be well trained in taking interview  with clients.
  • He should have a good image in market.
  • He should have a sound financial position.